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How to Refresh Your Kitchen on Any Budget, From $100 to $10,000

How to Refresh Your Kitchen on Any Budget, From $100 to $10,000

 Traditional Kitchen by Matthew Bolt Graphic Design
Maybe you’re dreaming of a full kitchen renovation someday (but that day is a long way off), or perhaps you like your current kitchen but want to change a few components. If this sounds like your situation, a kitchen refresh could be just the thing. 

Even without reconfiguring the layout of the space, there’s a lot to consider, from small items, such as new cabinet hardware and lighting, to major changes, such as new benchtops and appliances. And whether your budget is $100 or $10,000, it can be a challenge to decide what to prioritise and what to put on the back burner. 

Use this kitchen refresh plan as your starting point, and customise it to work with your space and budget.


Window Dressing: 10 Cool New Treatments for Fashionable Windows

From curtains and blinds to shades and panels, we welcome these on-trend and timeless window coverings.

Lift the curtain on the current season of window coverings and you’ll discover new designs and old favourites, all of which are smarter than ever. As well as opening, closing and adjusting the angle of your window dressings, many motorised systems now boast timers and let you program different settings for each room with smart phone apps or a tap of your tablet. And on top of being clever, these contemporary trends in window coverings are proving classy as well.
6 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Will Never Date

6 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Will Never Date

Bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms to overhaul – renovating them can put a strain on your budget and your time, not to mention putting them out of action while the work’s being done. No one wants to renovate their bathroom more often than they need to, and many people are scared to use colour for this reason – what happens if the colours you choose become outmoded and impact the value of your house? White isn’t the only way to go if you’re worried about colours dating – here are six enduring colour combinations that will always be winning choices, to create a timeless bathroom colour scheme for your home.